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Heat Pump

  • For Sanitary Hot Water/Central Heating

    Product Introduction:

    This series of air heat pump is designed for the common area of ambient temperature between -10’C, to 45’C. This unit is designed for residential sanitary hot water of bathroom, kitchen etc or offering central heating (radiator/floor heating) to house, or commercial building, for example, hotel, school, school, hair salon, etc. In the mean time, cooling function for air conditioner id for optional.

    This unit could installed in outdoors, as floating support for compressor to reduce vibration at the most extent and noise insulation inside the cabinet as well as noise jacket for compressor. The compact design heat pump is built-in Copeland or Daikin scroll type compressor, Deron made coaxial coil heat exchanger, Emerson thermal expansion valve and Saginomiya four-way valve to ensure it work smoothly and efficiently.

  • Max. Heating Water Output Temperature reach 80°C

  • Mainly for industrial use such as tobacco, fruit, tea leaf, seafood, wood, cloth, painting, etc.

    Heat Pump Dryer Working Principle:

    It is a new type of drying device that transfers air energy into the system for heating through Reverse Carnot Principle. The refrigerant will run cycling along the evaporator, compressor, condenser and expansion valve.