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  • Riello Boiler Burner and Controller

    1. Our Boiler is adapted with High Efficiency & High Technology RIELLO BURNER made from ITALY with almost 10 decades in burner design & manufacturing.
    2. RIELLO BURNER is a computer base unit that uses the state of the art SIEMEN brand PLC-CPU controller. This controller controls, monitors and signals the operator in its real time condition and status. It is also BMS ready that can be hooked up in your existing BMS system.
    3. It is also provided with a TOUCH SCREEN MONITOR. This screen has a boiler schematic diagram that shows the important boiler status like Feed water pump status, fuel pump status, steam pressure status, water level status, operation time, operational history and most important is the SMOKESTACK TEMPERATURE STATUS.
    4. REILLO BURNERS has NO LEAKAGES ad EASY TO ADJUST (Screw type adjustment). Leakages are difficult and confusing to adjust and often the cause of improper Air-to-Fuel ratio.

    Siemens Controller with Touch Screen

  • Luminous Flat Sight Glass

    This Luminous Flat Glass Water Level Sight Glass is designed to withstand high pressure up to 500 psig without leaking & breaking. The boiler water level is visible or can easy be seen in the sight glass because of the illuminating effect inside

    Standard Flat Sight Glass

  • Softening and Filtration System

    15,000 Liters/hr. Filtration System consist of a Multi-Stage Sand Filter, Carbon filter & Water Softener. This system is fully automatic operation using the State of the Art Volumetric Controller that regenerate or clean the system by itself on the set volume.

    Our water softeners for boiler use are fully automatic operation, self-regeneration and very accurate and efficient in treating water hardness.

    There are three (3) types of controllers available to suite your requirements:

    1. Time Base Controller; where time will be set when the softener will regenerate.
    2. Volumetric Controller; where Volume is more accurate than time in terms of regeneration schedule.
    3. Hardness Base Controller; is the most effective and accurate of them all but its more expensive.