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Pest Control System


    Brief Introduction:

    Mech Sys Heat Treatment System (MHTS) is very efficient, simple and effective in controlling the flour pest. It does not only eliminate the adult insects but also the eggs, larvae and pupae, thus eliminating the insects life cycle.

    Our designed Insect Heat Treatment System is the most safe, easy, fast, accurate, and cheap pest control system available in the market.

    1. SAFE, no harmful chemical is being use in the process thus avoiding chemical contamination and residue that will leave the treated area.
    2. EASY, operation is just a switch away. Simply install the pre-fabricated portable adaptor with easy lock and switch on the system.
    3. FAST, Chemical treatment requires a minimum staging time for the storage of at least 7 days is needed. No extensive sealing is required.
    4. ACCURATE, consistent distribution of heat is being maintained in the treated surrounding even in cracks and corners. In chemical application some areas are not being applied consistently and thoroughly.
    5. CHEAP, compare to chemical treatment, no storage down time after treatment is needed. Application is short period of time (4 hours to maximum of 12 hrs) compare to 168 hours.